Our History

A little about us and our beginning... Falcon Contracting was incorporated in 2001 as a successor to Falcon Services, which had been a full service remodeling and repair company since 1986. When we incorporated in 2001 we had to change our name to Falcon Contracting because the name Falcon Services had already been registered. We have been under the same ownership though since Falcon Services first started, showing our past and potential clients we are in this industry and at their service for the long haul.
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Our Beliefs

What we believe has lead to our success...

We are well known to our clients for our professionalism and quality work, and because of this, the majority of our new work is due to referrals from present and past clients. We believe that a referral from a satisfied client is worth more than any print or radio ad ever could be. Not having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in advertising allows us to maintain lower operating costs, which we pass on to you.

About Our Company

What we do to help you... We specialize in small to medium sized projects that will restore or improve your business's "curb appeal" as well as its efficiency, productivity, and overall value. We do the jobs that large contractors won't do because the job is "too small" or "too much trouble." We can usually take care of several types of repair issues during one service call, so you won't have to rely on several different people to get your projects done, saving you from having to pay several different companies a minimum service call fee.

Our Vision

The vision for our future starts with remembering our past... Because of our dedication to our clients through the years by helping them solve there repair problems, we have built a solid foundation for our company. A firm foundation that, as we look forward, we know we can continue to build our future on.

Falcon Contracting - Commercial Repair and Remodeling